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bio vera lip balm
LIP BALM Hydratyng and Protective
A 100% natural lip-balm formula containing healing organic Shea butter and Jojoba oil. A smoothing blend which invisibly soothes and protects your lips against drying-out or chapping. Vitamin E ensures...
Tinted Cream soft-medium-intense
Ideal for all skin types &ages (from greasy to normal and mature) including those with delicate skin. A new, comforting, eco-bio treatment perfectly suitable for delicate skin, with multiple skincare...
bio vera hand cream
HAND CREAM Antioxidant
HAND CREAM A unique anti-aging mixture: natural plant Extracts, Sweet Almond & Sunflower Oils of certified organic-origin and other essential ingredients, such as Vitamin E with its well-known anti-oxidant properties. ...
Gel cream for Skin tone & firmness

Gel cream for Skin tone & firmness

For all skin types, especially those with the appearance of cellulite, and lack of elasticity. A unique, rich combination of natural and functional principles


Immagine del prodotto Bio Vera Baby 2-in-1  Shampoo& Bath
Bio Vera Baby 2-in-1 Shampoo& Bath
A uniquely mild and natural tear-free formula. With Vitamin E and a natural phytocomplex of selected plant extracts, with hydrating and soothing properties for the proper hair & skin care...
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