Boreal Hydra: eco-sustainable cosmetics

Boreal Hydra: eco-sustainable cosmetics
10 luglio 2019 cosmofarma
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Our new eco-sustainable line, launched at Cosmoprof 2019,  is called Cosmofarma Boreal Hydra. These cosmetics are formulated with Borēaline® Hydra: a  sustainable ingredient composed of bark extracts from a mix of four actives extracted from the recycled bark of four Boreal tree species obtained through a circular economy process. Provides stable and long-lasting hydration and protection.

The line is made up of the 5 following products:

  • Shampoo & Shower: a new formula based on a delicate “green” detergent with good cleansing ability – high biological degradability – environmentally friendly – Sulphate free. Ideal for all skin and hair types;
  • Moisturizing Hair Conditioner: this lightweight detangling, moisture-rich conditioner reduces static, brightens and protects your hair leaving it silky soft;
  • Soft Body Lotion: suitable for long term protection and repair of all skin types and delicate, dry skin;
  • Intense hydration Restructuring Conditioning Hair Serum: intense hydration & Definition. A delicately conditioning, moisture-rich, lightweight formula brightens and protects your hair and infuses it with long-lasting hydration;
  • Intense Moisture Face Cream: precious formula created to help restore skin’s natural water reservoirs to plump and smooth visible dehydration and age lines for softer, more radiant skin, drenched in comfort.
  • Not only the formula contains a sustainable ingredient, but also the packaging of these cosmetics is sustainable (fully recycled PET & glass).

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