Cosmofarma’s presence begins with the introduction of Joniline ® hair products in the 1970s and the enrollment as a member of the local Chamber of Commerce.
Joniline ® is the first brand to appear and includes a very limited series of conditioners and shampoos.
In the early years, a majority of the business revolved around the formulation and production of brands and items which were sold primarily to the beauty salons and to distributors in Italy.
Since then our family is committed to a standard of quality we believe to be high and our product range has grown to include a wide variety of shampoo, conditioning, hair treatments, toiletries, as well as salon service oriented products.
Enrollment as a recognised member of the Italian Register of Artisan Industries – Chemical Manufacturing Companies under the present legal status.
Cosmofarma opens its plant on its present site in the hamlet of Cantagrillo near Casalguidi, a new industrial estate not far from the mediaeval town of Pistoia.
The internationally registered mark Honey ® is launched, which still represents one of our best known and best selling brands – especially appreciated by Arab customers.
Honey has become a popular item in the consumer retail area in Arab speaking countries.
COSMOFARMA on-line: we have embraced the Internet as a significant new channel for distribution and communication as well as a virtual branch office.
Cosmofarma changes its status to become COSMOFARMA S.r.l.

Today our current mission is to manufacture, sell, and deliver the best selection of products in the most efficient, reliable, and user-friendly way possible.
The results can be seen in our production numbers which continue to grow.

In the future, our commitment to scientifically formulate nice products at fair competitive prices will continue with the intent to further strengthen our positions.
We are building on decades of experience while adding the flexibility of a modern company. Looking ahead to the challenges of the global market place, we are self-confident in our strong, assertive and lively niche potential in the market.