ATMOSFERE TOSCANE Soothing foam bath

ATMOSFERE TOSCANE Soothing foam bath

ML 200


With lavender (Lavandula) and thyme(Thymus) extracts. The mild texture and the delicacy of its foam give a unique great sense of well being. Thick and luxurious, delicate enough for even the most sensitive skin. This formula takes advantage of the unique virtues of specially selected herbs to energize and renew the body: these enchanting aromatics help melt away all stress and tension as they refresh mind and spirit. This finest type of foam bath incorporates also important anti-ageing, anti-oxidant supplements and excellent skin care nutrients that encourage youthful skin tone and condition in smoothness and appearance: they are AHA(alfa-hydroxy acids), Vitamin E, Wheat Protein, Our top quality Beauty Bath forms the ideal essential for enjoying sense-rewarding beauty rituals.


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