With concentrated Bilberry EXTRACT – The cosmetic help for improving microcirculation. Supports healthy circulation. Supports a smooth, soft and even toned skin & legs, feet. This cosmetic formula is refreshing, soothing, relieving: specifically conceived to help stimulate blood circulation, protect and reinforce the walls of the blood vessels. Powerfully working against free radicals. It proves helpful to prevent and treat varicose veins, to lessen blood vessel frailty. It offers a natural cosmetic alternative to help diminish the look of spider veins, along with easing some of the discomfort that may accompany them.
Bilberry and Red grapevine have been shown to increase capillary strength. They protect and reinforce the walls of the blood vessels. Their cosmetic application is focused on reaffirming products and products which stimulate blood circulation, reduce oedema and relieve pain and swelling.
Horse chestnut is widely used for chronic venous insufficiency and for reducing inflammation and sensitivity.
Hydrocotyl (Gotu Cola) – Centella excellently regenerates and improves the skin’s firmness, strengthens the walls of the blood vessels and regulates microcirculation.
St.John’s wort extract is known as an anti-inflammatory, wound healing, antioxidant.
Melissa is soothing and refreshing.
Rosemary and Juniper have a stimulating action on capillaries and small vessels.
The high concentration of standardized bilberry dry extract containing 25% Anthocyanosides is responsible for the deep characteristic colour and for some residual micropowders in suspension of truly natural plant origin.


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