La qualità delle materie,

dei prodotti e dell’ambiente

Raw Materials, Products & Environment

When it comes to choosing raw materials, Cosmofarma always turns to the best available sources. Our suppliers are ISO – norm certified.
Chemo-physical and microbiological quality controls are made by the raw materials Laboratory of each supplying industry.
We see that the requested documentation is released and attached to each delivery in order to ensure conformity to specifications, respecting quality-control methods and sound laboratory practices.

We are aware that cosmetic products have to meet consumers’ highest requirements: we attach the greatest importance to consumer and environment protection.
We observe legal requirements and EU regulations and ensure that environmental and cosmetics laws are complied with at all times.

Our ingredients and products are not subject to animal tests.
We do not test our products or ingredients on animals. Nor do we commission others to do so and, although a small company, we do everything to try to stop ingredient suppliers animal testing in the future, through our purchasing rule, supplier monitoring and rating.

Bio Eco – Products

Specifically addressing the requirements of those who are green conscious and environmentally aware, Cosmofarma has developed:

  • BIO VERA line: high-quality natural components and plant extracts from organic farming, certified by ICEA ( The certification issued by ICEA enables consumers to choose Environmentally Friendly and Organic Cosmetics that are safe and natural products, without chemical substances that can be harmful for humans, animals, or the environment; ICEA logo certifies quality of safe and wholesome products through accurate controls all along on all the ingredients and on the final product.


The bottoms of all bottles are embossed with a code identifying the type of plastic from which the bottle is manufactured.Cartons and boxes display the recycle symbol. This symbols are intended to enhance the public’s awareness that packaging can be recycled and to facilitate separation for recycling.

Cosmofarma has incorporated reduce, re-use and recycle initiatives into its manufacturing processes. We continually strive to pursue a truly environmentalist policy and participate in local recycling programs.

  • to reduce product packaging;
  • promotion of recycling;
  • use of recycled materials;
  • extension of packaging life (refills);
  • replacement of PVC by other materials whenever possible;
  • optimization of the plastic’s thickness for containers for various brands.

These actions must and shall be applied for all products in development, products currently in the catalogue, and all special promotions.