Bio Vera Gel cream for Skin tone & firmness

Bio Vera Gel cream for Skin tone & firmness

Gel cream for Skin tone & firmness

For all skin types, especially those with the appearance of cellulite, and lack of elasticity. A unique, rich combination of natural and functional principles

  • Naturally stimulating Caffeine – which may have positive effect on microcirculation, thermogenic and lipolityc activity
  • Natural Cypress water and plant extracts from organic agriculture for stimulating and improving healthy peripheral microcirculation (Rosemary, Vine, Horse-Chestnut, St,John’s Wort, Juniper, Horsetail, Lemon)
  • Dry Birch extract (2-3% total flavonoids calculated as hyperoside) known for its purifying and detoxifying effects.
  • Organic Essential oils of Juniper, Lemon, Rosemary are stimulating and playing an active role in massage efficacy, to help increase circulation, decongest, detoxify and reduce water retention

Mixed up in a fresh, melting texture to improve the appearance of skin smoothness, elasticity & firmness. Easy to apply, absorbs quickly and helps to tone and reduce the visible signs of cellulite.The beneficial effects of massage may favour blood/lymphatic circulation.

It keeps skin moisturized, leaving it feeling soft and looking smooth and supple.

Info Vegan: il prodotto non contiene ingredienti di origine animale.

ML 150

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