Our Clients

Who are our typical clients?

We sell to importers, distributors, wholesalers, and licensed manufacturers around the world.

Our products can be found in:

    • grocery stores;
    • drug stores;
    • mass merchandise stores;
    • hair and beauty salons;
    • pharmacies;
    • hair & scalp clinics;
    • specialty wholesale locations.

There is no minimum shipping quantity required for the initial purchase, as we understand the retailer’s need to test the market and monitor purchasing behavior. Retailers are at liberty to set their own pricing strategy for Cosmofarma products based on their sales margin and personal retail experience.
Exclusive Partnerships
Exclusive partnerships give clients the benefit of sole distributorship of Cosmofarma products in their region; this virtually eliminates competition and gives clients a profitable advantage.

Once an exclusive partnership is initiated, distributing and shipping objectives are planned and monitored annually, and can be terminated when initial goals have not been met.

Please contact us for more information regarding exclusive client partnerships.
Note that importing and distributing to some regions may not be available where an existing exclusive client partnership already applies.

For further information, download our Cosmofarma B2B Brochure.