Private label

Private label Cosmetics

How do I start my own cosmetic line? Cosmofarma is the answer!

We are specialized in providing small businesses, private boutiques, hair care centers, salons and spas, and various small distributors with their own custom manufactured personal care products.

You can choose from over a hundred existing hair & skin care formulas or work closely with a team of researchers to create your own exclusive product formula.

Quality Manufacturing

  • We stress the importance of consumer safety and environmental protection at every step of the manufacturing process.
  • We closely follow European Union regulations and laws on cosmetic manufacturing to guarantee accordance with industry standards.
  • Our products are not subjected to animal testing; nor do we condone animal testing under any circumstances and closely monitor our suppliers to ensure their compliance with this principle.
  • We are certified members of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and the Assindustria-Confindustria or Associated Confederation of Italian Industry, and registered exporters with the Arab Italian Chamber of Commerce.

Quality Ingredients

  • Our products contain only natural and environmentally safe ingredients therefore, we place the utmost importance on choosing the best materials from the best suppliers.
  • Each supplier is International Standard for Organization (ISO) certified and provides chemo-physical and microbiological quality controlled raw materials.
  • Proper documentation and accreditation is requested from each supplier to ensure conformity with these specifications and control standards.

Quality Production

During the manufacturing process we maintain strict production guidelines. All raw materials, laboratory temperatures, machines, and heating/cooling devices are carefully monitored before and during production. The resulting cosmetic base is then tested and approved by our technical controller before packaging the finished product.
To promote more efficient, environment-friendly manufacturing, we have integrated reduce, reuse, and recycle initiatives into the production process. Increased efforts have been made to simplify product packaging; reduce
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) where possible; and use recycled materials.

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