Balance the skin microbiota with specific cosmetics

Balance the skin microbiota with specific cosmetics
Tuesday July 30th, 2019 cosmofarma
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Balance the skin microbiota with specific cosmetics

Every millimeter of our skin is covered by billions of bacteria: all these bacteria and other microbes are called skin microbiota. Bacteria are often perceived as something negative, while few know that they can be powerful allies for skin-rebalancing. As a matter of fact, they help improve the skin’s immune system, stimulating essential proteins and firming agents in the skin and activating better skin function.

A balanced skin microbiota keeps the skin protected from external aggressions, by keeping the immune system under control and reducing the skin inflammation.

Skin Microbiota: the latest innovations in the field of skincare

The world of skincare has recently rediscovered the skin microbiota: it is an important resource capable of significantly improving the appearance of the skin.

In fact, a sensitive or reactive skin can often be associated with an alteration of the bacteria that populate the skin surface. Other skin problems related to an alteration of bacteria can be seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff, acne or dry skin.

These cosmetics are ideal for:

– A sensitive skin

– A reactive skin

In fact, the goal of these products is to strengthen the skin microbiota, nourishing the bacteria that cover our skin and neutralizing the attack from external agents.

The basic idea of ​​this new type of cosmetics is the following: we need to nourish our skin with live bacilli and related microbes as well as when we consume yogurt to strengthen the immune system and intestinal microflora.

What are the ingredients that help strengthen the skin microbiota?

The most innovative formulations in the field of cosmetics include probiotics or prebiotics, important allies for the defense of the skin against stress and external aggressions, keeping it healthy and balanced. In fact, probiotics are renowned for reinforcing the microorganisms present on the surface of the skin.

Some cosmetics are instead formulated with prebiotics: fiber extracts that nourish probiotics, which also have reinforcing and rebalancing properties.

Cosmofarma Microbiota Beauty Skin Cream

Cosmofarma microbiota beauty cream is an innovative cosmetic, formulated to strengthen the skin microbiota.This cream contains the Bifida Ferment Lysate:  a bio-fermented active ingredient useful for regulating the bacterial flora and improving the skin’s natural barrier function, for a healthier and stronger appearance.The formulation also includes other highly selected ingredients, to contribute to the natural balance and to bring out the radiant beauty of the skin.

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