Consigli per la pelle

Consigli per la pelle
Thursday November 15th, 2012 cosmofarma
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Do not take your skin for granted: a few skin care basics will keep skin looking, feeling, and functioning great. The skin has some basic needs.
Cleanse, nourish & moisturize, protect, eat healthily: those are the few basic steps and all must be followed every day,
Cleansing is the most important step to follow. Your skin needs to be kept as clean as possible. One needs to perform a brief morning regimen for the facial skin and a longer regimen before going to bed.
In the morning you should clean your face with luke-warm water and a cleanser or purifying gel wash. It is advisable to apply a cleansing milk and a toner. When you clean your face your pores on the face will be open; toner will help to close those opened pores, to help stop dirt and infections.
Nourish and hydrate: a good moisturizer will work like food for your face and body skin. It is essential to choose a suitable moisturizer according to your skin type. A body lotion or a facial cream is the best precaution that you can take to avoid early aging process, provide proper nourishment and to make face and body fresh and healthy.
Protect: the skin is the body’s protective barrier against the environment but your skin needs to be protected from sunlight and other environmental insults. Everyday factors that may cause drying of the skin.
Eat healthy food: a healthy skin can be obtained by using appropriate, good-quality skin care products. These products are external treatments. However, the internal aspect of skin care is often ignored. What we eat daily plays a significant role in the health of our skin as well.
The best skin care regime involves paying attention to both the external and internal needs of the skin. Skin requires nutrients derived from inside the body in order to protect itself from damage and replenish dead skin cells with new healthy cells. Eating the best food for skin goes a long way towards having the best and healthiest looking skin possible.
A balanced diet can be the skin’s best defense against a variety of conditions, and it’s best to eat a variety of foods. Add fiber to your daily diet: vegetables, whole bread, legumes, fish and antioxidants which are found in fruits, vegetables, green tea and protect the skin against free radicals that damage skin cells.

Moreover, do not forget: regular exercise not only keeps you fit, but also increases flexibility, boosts your mood and safeguards your health.

So what is the secret to living longer, healthier and happier? It is actually quite simple and the only real problem is your commitment to living a healthier lifestyle!

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