Cosmo Booster! Face & Hair Serum with precious ingredients!

Cosmo Booster! Face & Hair Serum with precious ingredients!
Friday February 16th, 2024 cosmofarma
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Cosmo Booster

Cosmo Booster are part of a skincare & haircare cosmetic line, standing out for concentrated and powerful formulas, infused with the finest active components and natural phytoelements.

The line consists of 5 boosters:

  • Booster n°1: Deep Sparkling Whitening It helps fade away dark spots, visibly reduces dull, opaque skin appearance, softens blemishes. Thanks to its exceptional lightening action, the complexion is visibly brighter and more uniform. Intensely moisturized, the skin appears softly glowing with a new radiance! Your Porcelain -effect skin.
  • Booster n°2: Intensive Anti Age Multi-Perform First choice against signs of skin aging. Instant ability to improve hydration, reduce aspect of wrinkles, and plump the skin with a toning, regenerating, film- forming, soothing effect.
  • Booster n°3: Deep Hydro Moisture Impact Hydro-regulative cosmetic, refreshing, protecting, highly hydrating to immediately quench the skin’s thirst. It efficaciously regulates moisturization level in the various climatic conditions.
  • Booster n°4: Deep Impact Concentrate Multi-Vitamin Awakens your skin, gives new energy, primes and stabilizes the skin’s barrier, allowing your other products to work more effectively and give you the healthy glow; highly nourishing, energizing, antioxidant.
  • Booster n°5: Super Concentrated Deep Impact AntiOx Energizer helps keep natural beautiful hair structure, awakens your fibers, gives new energy, a healthy glow; highly hydrating, nourishing, energizing, antioxidant. . Super protection against Sun & Stress.

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