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  • Argan Shampoo

    Protection and Shine. This formula protects, hydrates and gives softness and beauy to your hair. Horsetail extract , the mineral-rich, hair-strengthening herb and Moroccan Argan oil restore shine and strengthen, protect from styling heat, external influences and damage while creating silky perfection. 250ml/300ml/500ml/1000ml
  • Cosmo Sun – After Sun Hair Mask

    After Sun Hair Mask for sun-and salt- stressed hair Your seasonal routine against Summer aggressions! Infused with Monoi Oil and HYDROPOM® a natural product, obtained using skins of tomatoes harvested in Italy, containing a completely water soluble lycopene to help protect skin from UV and environmental pollution due its antioxidant capacity. It leaves hair feeling silky, smooth, soft, protected. It naturally hydrates, repairs and tames frizzy hair while restoring visible shine,
    • USE: after shampooing, and rinsing hair squeeze the appropriate amount to the lengths and ends of your hair and comb through. Leave  a few mns then rinse out the conditioner.
  • Cosmo Sun – After Sun Hair Shampoo

    After Sun Shampoo for sun and salt stressed hair Your seasonal routine that gently &naturally cleans, hydrates, restores shine and protects hair against Summer aggressions. It leaves hair feeling soft, healthy and protected. Infused with HYDROPOM® a natural product, obtained using skins of tomatoes harvested in Italy, containing a completely water soluble lycopene to help protect skin from UV and environmental pollution due its antioxidant capacity. Use: apply on wet hair, massage gently then rinse thoroughly with water.External Use.
  • Cosmo Sun Hair Spray

    Detangling, polishing, protecting enriched with precious components: Walnut shell extract, Panthenol ProVitamin B5. Infused with HYDROPOM® a natural product from tomato, containing a completely water soluble lycopene to help protect skin from sun and environmental pollution due its antioxidant capacity. This soothing formula helps preserve tone, tames stressed and unruly hair, restores moisture before and after sun exposure. This lightweight, non-greasy formula detangles, conditions, smoothens and eliminates frizz. Your hair is soft, light and glowing.. Use: shake well before use. Spray on dry hair before sun exposure or on wet hair after shampooing. Spray throughout your mane. Gently brush out. Do not rinse. Avoid contact with eyes. External use.
  • Styling Mousse light FIX

    Hairstyling Mousse adds body, shine and hold. For all hair types. 200ML
  • Aromatopeica – Oil Serum Against Alopecia

    This natural cosmetic treatment is balanced and specifically compounded, based on natural herb oils mixed with essential oils. A clinical study is supporting the use in case of Alopecia Areata and treatment success was evaluated to measure changes in hair growth after intervention with these active oils, compared with the control group. The results show the formula to be a safe and effective treatment for alopecia areata. Use: Apply on critical areas and massage into the scalp for a minimum of 2 minutes. A warm towel was then wrapped around the head to aid absorption of the oils. Use this technique every night, 3- to- 7 months for best results.
  • Aromatopeica Oleo-Siero Anti Acne


    Natural spray formula respectful of young and oily skin, to alleviate symptoms and look of acne - absorbs and penetrates easily, facilitates the action of essential oils, soothes and creates a fresh barrier. Keeps the skin clean, protecting and keeping it in good condition. A balanced, precious mixture of special active essential oils dissolved in a natural compound made of Jojoba&Borage oils with sea salt. For a complete treatment, use in combination with Cosmo Yellow Clay. Active components :

    • Tea Tree Essential Oil
    • Bergamot Essential Oil
    • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
    • Mint (Menta Piperita) Essential Oil
    mixed in Jojoba&Borage oils with sea salt. Use: on cleansed skin. Spray directly onto the affected area and massage into the skin gently to penetrate or spray on a cotton pad and apply on the affected area. For best results, apply at least twice a day as part of your daily routine. Do not rinse. Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only
  • Baby & Kids- Diaper Cream Zinc Oxide

    Specially formulated to soothe and comfort baby’s precious skin and help keep skin healthy. Natural plant ingredients and Vitamin E nourish the skin while Zinc Oxide creates a natural barrier to keep unwanted moisture out. Ideal for preventing visibly skin discomfort and diaper rash for everyday moisturizing. Colour-free. Paraben-free. ML 150
  • Cosmo Gel Hard Fix


    The hard fix gel that defines and shapes the hair, guaranteeing an extra strong hold.

    It gives body to dry hair by perfectly separating the locks. It dries quickly, without being greasy or heavy.

    Recommended product or application performed by a professional in the sector.

    The hair will shed easily and will be healthy and shiny. Ideal for modeling all types of hair, even thin ones.

    Use: Apply the product to damp or dry hair. Shape as you wish.

  • Sea Salt No Gas SpraySeaSalt Serum Fix & Texture & Duration Normal to Oily Hair & Scalp

    Sea-Salt based Serum for an optimum style, body and light control. Styling lasts longer. Your new routine that eliminates daily washing, to train your hair to become less greasy and to leave only what's required for styling and texture.
  • Baby&Kids oil for massage, hydration &protection

    Precious natural oil mixture for moisturizing babies and kids’ delicate skin and scalp. It helps maintain skin comfort and hydrolipidic balance. No colourings, no preservatives. ML 100
  • Baby & Kids – Shampoo & Bath

    A uniquely mild and natural tear-free formula. With Vitamin E and a natural phytocomplex of selected plant extracts, with hydrating and soothing properties for the proper hair & skin care and to maintain the health and texture of the baby's delicate skin and scalp. ML 250

    ML 1000 - ML 500 - ML 250 - ML 200
  • Fresh Peppermint Shower Gel

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    A fresh shower gel with Fresh Peppermint Essential Oil renown for the antioxidant properties. An irresistible formula that leaves your skin fragrant, soft and soothed. USE: apply a small amount to wet skin, while showering and rub into a lather. Rinse skin thoroughly after use. ML 300