Bio Vera Eye Contour Roll-on

Firming Eye Serum is an roll-on formula that moisturizes, firms and tones the skin and is intended to visibly reduce the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and puffiness around the eye area, as well as toning, firming and moisturizing the skin. Its active ingredients are a combination of botanical extracts, a highly purified Water Melon extract protects the DNA in skin cells from damage caused by UV-light induced free radicals, proteins and a pro-endorphine complex Euphoryl TM ? 3, said to strengthen the skin’s cell activity in the same positive way as natural happiness does, leading to a sense of well-being. For all skin types. Perfume-free to minimize a hypersensitivity reaction of the eye area.
Organic-certified Phytocomfort – eudermic product suitable for sensitive skin


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