Revivexil gel cream for weak thinning hair

Revivexil gel cream for weak thinning hair


Styling & treating creamy gel with new last-generation Molecule
Express yourself make your hair do what you want it to. Finish, high hold, nice smell and deep nourishing action to help beautiful hair growth. This formula contains the new, last-generation revolutionary molecule for helping hair growth, and to combat hair loss and thinning hair, Rosemary Oil and Vitamin E that synergistically play a physiologic role in maintaining optimal hair follicle activity and are necessary for healthy hair. delicate cream basis and a decongestive Phytocomplex that imparts strength, brilliancy, styling and lets active ingredients penetrate deeply. With the highest quality ingredients. Based on the latest medical breakthroughs into the cause and treatment of hair loss it is made with the safest, most powerful natural ingredients to form a product that not only stops hair loss, but promotes thicker, fuller and healthier hair growth.

ML 50



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