Revivexil Shampoo

Revivexil Shampoo

REVIVEXIL Seboregulating rebalancing invigorating SHAMPOO
Formula for men and women is an extra strength-effective, safe and easy to use topical formula made of the nature’s most powerful ingredients and the new, last-generation molecule to nourish and regulate depleted hair, thinning hair and scalp.
The peculiarity of the REVIVEXIL shampoo lies in the synergic effect arising from the interaction of its active ingredients, consisting of plant extracts Cimicifuga Racemosa (Black cohosh) extract & Phytocomplex against hair loss, a mild rebalancing and seboregulating surfactant and Revivexil active molecule content. It has also an effective invigorating, sebo-regulating and rebalancing action on scalp and hair, deep to the root.

ML 200

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