Keratin Smooth&Straight

Keratin Smooth&Straight

ML 75

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Recostructing Laminating Serum Concentrate
The new, perfect smoothing laminating Keratin treating complement to integrate and repair the structure for a straight, smooth, shiny, beautifully reconstructed hair. Long-term duration. An infusion of moisture for softness and shine into the hair fibre. Enriched with an addition of toning, astringent Red China, hydrating & conditioning Chitosan and Oligoelements, essential to help ensure a protecting, nourishing action to visibly improve skin/scalp tone and look. This Serum is gentle enough to use on all hair types: curly frizzy, dry, depleted, damaged, chemically-processed hair, or hair-extensions as a Salon version or at-home treatment; use a flat iron to seal it in. Unlike noxious chemical relaxers and perms, this treatment gradually washes away. You’ll notice your hair’s natural curl return over time.


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