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  • Bio Vera Hair lotion Bio

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    Against breakage – Strengthening - Stimulating Instant Repair formula Fluid lotion All hair types - Sensitive delicate fragile & weak hair Hydrating Energizing Nutrient Stimulating Strengthening
    • Hair is stronger & healthy-looking
    • Hair becomes more resistant to breakage
    • Restructures from root to tip
    • A cosmetic help in case of thinning hair, aesthetic & scalp discomfort
    Sensitive, weak, falling or abused hair – this is the new eco-bio certified treatment rich of active natural and organic – certified ingredients for your hair’s comfort, health and everlasting youth. Hair & scalp massage helps re-activate peripheral microcirculation, cell renewal, healthy growth from root to tip. A Natural herbal phytocomplex from organic plantation is tonic and soothing. It helps diminish the individual sensation of tensile stress, fatigue. Vitamins B1 (biotin) Provitamin B5 (Panthenol)Vit. PP (Niacinamide) and Aminoacids: Arginine, Glicine, Ornithine HCl, Tyrosine act on hair shaft with their moisturizing, strengthening & conditioning properties for a healthy growth. Enriched with Pentavitin®, a moisture-magnet for hydration - retention & regulation. ML 50
  • Bio Vera Mild Shampoo

    This mild formula is free of SLS-SLES and studied for hair hygiene and protection. A selected & balanced blend of soothing and hydrating ingredients, organic-certified herbal extracts and green surfactants moisturize and nourish from root to tips; protect and cleanse while maintaining natural balance of hair and scalp. Your hair shines, gains volume, softness and vitality. For frequent or daily use. Suitable for all hair types, weak, fine, depleted hair and sensitive skin. It may help reduce discomfort of dry or greasy hair and scalp. Pure, clean and effective for your hair care needs: free of colourants & mildly scented with a hypoallergenic eco-bio fragrance. Dermatologist’s tested. ML 250

    Improved formula with Redensyl® For frequent use. Men and women are increasingly concentrated with hair weakening & thinning. This new, stimulating hair formula is improved with Redensyl®, the new hair growth galvanizer. A purifying normalizing shampoo, a sulfate-free, plant-derived concentrated surfactant blend developed for use where an ultra-mild formulation is desired.