Actigym™: benefits and uses

Actigym™: benefits and uses
Thursday July 18th, 2019 cosmofarma
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Define your silhouette and improve your body tone with Actigym ™

Actigym ™ is an innovative active ingredient obtained through biotechnology from a micro-organism from the Bermuda Island. This precious ingredient, introduced by Lipotec, has received numerous awards, including the gold medal as an innovative ingredient in “In Cosmetics Asia 2014”, an important cosmetic event.

What makes this active ingredient so special?

This innovative ingredient mimics the effect of resistance training: in fact, it increases the release of adiponectin by 68.3%, acting as a marker of mitochondrial metabolism in muscle cells. Furthermore, it increases ATP production by 136% and, through cellular communication, improves the metabolism of type 1 muscle fibers, helping to strengthen the muscles.

In vivo active tests show a reduction in the circumference of the abdomen and arms after only 28 days of application and in the circumference of the thighs at the end of treatment. Even more significant results have emerged on volunteers who in addition to a topical treatment have performed physical activity.

Actigym™ benefits:

  • Imitates the effect of resistance training;
  • Shapes the silhouette, defines the abdomen and increases muscle tone;
  • Increases the expression of type I muscle fibers in 69.8%;
  • Reduces the triglyceride content in adipocytes;
  • Reduces body weight up to 3.1 kg after 28 days;
  • Reduces the contour of the abdomen up to 3.0 cm, the circumference of the thighs by 2.9 cm and the contour of the arm, associated or not with physical activity;

Cosmofarma Kinesis Cream – Dynamic and Functional Body Cream

Kinesis Body Cream by Cosmofarma contains this precious active ingredient: it can be applied on the legs, buttocks, arms or any part of the body that needs toning and definition. As demonstrated by the tests carried out, it can be applied either alone or in combination with physical activity.

This cream is recommended for:

  • Improving the muscle tone
  • Shaping the silhouette
  • Reducing of abdomen and thigh contour

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