AntiGrey Miracle Shampoo biomimetic peptide Silver Free®

AntiGrey Miracle Shampoo biomimetic peptide Silver Free®

ENG: Gentle active Shampoo to sue
in combination with AntiGrey Hair
treatment against grey and white
hair formation. The natural way to
restore your healthy original hair
colour. Helps protect against intrinsic
and extrinsic oxidative damage
and hair fading. Revitalises the hair,
gives a glowing and healthy look.
Without the use of artificial color
pigments. SLE/SLES -free.
• Silverfree® intensively and progressively
enhances the natural pigmentation
of hair. This biomimetic
peptide supports the progressive
restoration of the original hair pigmentation
with a remnant effect
and protects from oxidative
damage. Clinically tested.
• Aloe Gel is refreshing, Glycerin is
• Pomegranate & Walnut Extracts
mainly known for their antioxidant
• Biotin also known as Vit.H or B7 is
recommended for hair health,
stimulates keratin production in hair
and can increase the rate of follicle

ML 200


How to use:
• Shake well before use.
• Apply to wet hair.
• Massage gently. Stay a few mns to
• Rinse off thoroughly.
*The regular & combined use of AntiGrey
Miracle Hair treatment is
recommended to obtain visible


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