Face Cream

Active Shield.
A natural protective barrier, this hydrating cream is Infused with (4%) KIMARINE® Undaria pinnatifida extract, a functional cosmetic marine extract that protects the skin from the damaging effects of pollution, daily stress factors, cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes; shields skin against free radicals. It is based on plant-derived components and natural protecting agents:

•Sunflower, Sesame, Olive oils
•Aloe, organic Coffee oil, Allantoin, Oryzanol
•Vitamin E, C

so that our daily routine is as natural as it can be, avoiding components (i.e. synthetic UV-filters or other) which may be polluting or not sustainable or have little to no affinity with human skin.
Its texture is lightweight and smooth, easy to apply as a protective invisible layer helping to prevent external impurities from adhering to skin, while leaving a comforting sensation and an even skin tone.
Vegan Info: the product does not contain animal-derived ingredients.


30 ml


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