No Gas Hair Spray

No Gas Hair Spray


For a Natural Prevention and Integration – Smog, pollution, smoke (exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke), UVA rays, heavy metals and humidity make hair frizzy and heavy, dull.  Anti-pollution Hair Saviour infused with active components protects the hair from metropolitan damages, with a healthy and strong sensation, and delivering long-lasting comfort. This versatile spray can be used anytime as a control and defence without rinsing: it seals the hair, keeping it ruled, in order and shining for a long time, without silicones. Active components:

  • Kimarine®, a potassium-rich, magnesium-rich seaweed clinically proven to have powerful activity against UVA irradiation and urban pollution by reinforcing scales cohesion due to its protecting-repairing properties.
  • antioxidant–rich extracts (Centella, Green Tea, Gingko Biloba)
  • moisturizing Panthenol and Umectol® complex, as a natural substitute of Natural Moisturizing Factor “NMF”, plus Vitamin C and Arginine  

to help your hair glow and feel good.


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