La qualità del processo produttivo

Notwithstanding its small size, Cosmofarma attaches great importance to control system procedures at each stage of production.

Our methods of production and improved ingredients play a major role in the development of innovative and safer products: it is our job to make perfect products to guarantee the highest level of safety for the consumer.

We are registered at the local Chamber of Commerce regarding our activity and business register number and at Arab Italian Chamber of Commerce as exporters.
We are members of Confindustria (General Confederation of the Italian Industry), Federchimica (Italian Federation of Chemical Industry Associations) and Cosmetica Italia, the Cosmetic Group Association within Federchimica.

There are a number of criteria which we apply prior to purchasing, among them, quality, price and responsible business practices.

During the production a series of very stringent rules are followed.
All steps in the whole process are well established: perfect temperature control during the process, the speed of the stirrers, heating and cooling.

  • materials are ordered to our certified suppliers;
  • we control the necessary materials – raw materials and packaging materials – for the manufacturing process;
  • all documentation concerning materials is controlled before their utilization;
  • the cosmetic base approved by our technical controller is passed on to filling and packaging;
  • we personally control packaging and the assembly of finished products, by comparing a statistical sample from each batch to the specifications;
  • all data is stored for each batch so it can be looked up again if necessary.

For each item and brand we produce, we guarantee laboratory controls and we release all relevant documentation according to the European Regulations and Laws relating to the Cosmetic Products.

Cosmofarma has implemented and maintains a quality management system which complies with the following standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 – Research, development and production of cosmetics for hair, skincare and personal hygiene.