Face Serum


This Serum can be your ideal skin care essential: a protective preventive shield against all sources of pollution and environmental damage for all and delicate skins. Alcohol-free. Infused with KIMARINE® a functional cosmetic marine extract that protects against heavy metals (Lead and Cadmium); preserves the skin from the damaging effects of pollution, daily stress factors, sun exposure, cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes; shields skin against free radicals & UVA-induced damage. The formula contains antioxidant–rich extracts (Centella, Green Tea, Gingko Biloba) and moisturizing, nourishing  Hyaluronic Acid and Panthenol to help regulate hydration,  maintain the elasticity of the skin and accelerate the skin  look and regeneration.  It is fresh and melting, ideal for all skins and especially active or urban skin types, this formula revitalizes and leaves a healthy, youthful glow with a gorgeously light yet hydrating feel throughout the day, with  a weightless barrier effect.


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